3 Groups Of Fashion Editorial Photography For 3 Mysterious Zodiac Signs

Do you love reading magazines? Do you know how to read a magazine? A magazine contains a lot of information about a new fashion trend nowadays. You may get awesome suggestions to purchase products. You may also see your favorite stars wearing a fancy Prada’s bag, but when you open your purse, you close the magazine. Let’s see the best part of it. Go to the editorial pages, you will gain many ideas about how to style yourself. There are some examples.

1.Ming Nomchong Exclusively for Fashion Editorials with Lexi Graham

Photography: Ming Nomchong. Styling: Leigh Williams. Hair & Makeup: Shannon Williams. Model: Lexi Graham at Busy Models. 

These fashion editorial photographs are super “Virgo“. The lights are soft, and the dresses are also soft. It looks Lexi in standing in the cloud. Virgo is a gentle and exquisite zodiac sign.
Mercury is her ruling planet. This kind of lady loves everything to be clean and perfect. It’s better to try some lace with some small repeated patterns. May be the patterns can be flowers or the waves of water. A simple accessory is just perfect to fit with the fabric.

2.Xavier Bergman Exclusively for Fashion Editorials with Tia Mallia

Photography: Xavier Bergman. Styling: Montse Lavi. Hair & Makeup: Jorge Zunica. Model: Tia Mallia. 

Does she look like a commander of death with smokey eyes in the photography? Do you feel scared? This is about Scorpio which is a cold-blood killer hiding in the 12 zodiac signs. Scorpio is the most mysterious. They don’t like talking too much, but they will always attract you by their dangerous appearance. Black and violet are the best colors for them. If you want to get rid of black, any other dark tone garments can also be a good choice. Animal skins printed or texture can highlight your styling.

3.Leo Faria for Emilio Pucci Spring Summer 2019 with Vita Mir

Campaign: Emilio Pucci SS2019. Photography: Leo Faria. Styling: Simone Guidarelli. Hair: Maurizio Morreale. Makeup: Sara Busan. Model: Vita Mir. 

Let’s guess which zodiac sign belong to this group of photography. The answer is Aquarius. You will never know what is going on in an Aquarius’ brain. The only word I can describe them is “what?”. However, when I saw the photography, I thought this is Aquarius! Sara looks free and happy in her own world. She is dancing and running in super saturated and colorful garments. The colors of patterns are
opponent. They have high contrast to show unique personality. Aquarius hates to be limited or constrained. Try something that normal people keep away from is your style.

The fashion editorial pages are always a right place to train your eyes and taste. The photography is like a surprise in the magazines. They give you many ideas of how to wear so that you don’t need to buy the same expensive products in the front pages.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me!


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