How To Use Magic To Style Yourself Like A Princess In Dark Tone

Do you remember this little girl in Harry Potter? If you don’t, please click the red “x” on the upper right corner of your screen. (Just kidding…) Emma Watson is always my favorite film star since Harry Potter was shown. Her birthday is coming soon! It’s almost the end of Aries month. Luckily, lets catch the tail of it to see more about Aries fashion.

These photos were taken in her very early career. We can see the change of how Emma Watson style herself. On the left, she was wearing a grey maxi and sweet bolero for her first Harry Potter premiere in 2001. The long black dress in the middle was for
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire’s premiere party. Even these pictures are more than ten years ago, the styling is still fashionable. If you are interested to see more changing, you can click here.

The cute magician grows up! She is so beautiful and cool that even girls want to marry her! It looks Emma Watson enjoys wearing black. I found that most pieces in most people’s closet are black or deep gray. My friends told me they are not comfortable with colorful garments. When they try on a saturated orange or other colors and look at themselves in the mirror, they want to get rid of it immediately. Black is a timeless color. It makes you look slim. If you have any shining accessory like a pair of golden earring or a golden belt, it will stand out well with black. Now think what’s the best way to show everyone you bought a new necklace? This year is a perfect year for Aries getting opportunities in work. A formal look will help you. Don’t feel bad if you only wear black. It is magic.

Hope every Aries is as brave as Princess Belle! You may meet a lot of beasts in your life, but you can handle them.

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