An Interview With A Taurus Man About Daily Fashion

Taurus is a super stable, patient, and responsible zodiac sign. It is one of the Earth signs. When they are shopping, they love high quality garments. They may spend a lot of money on suits if they have an important event to go. It’s very interesting to hear a real Taurus man’s opinions about daily fashion.

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself. Where did you grow up?

A: I was born in Beijing, China, and I came to the United States when I was 14. Now I am a business major student in University of San Francisco.

Q: How do you use fashion to express yourself?

A: Fashion is a way that people show themselves to this world. I usually buy all kinds of clothes for the different occasion. Well, most of my clothes are the dark color which pretty much black. I believe fit and comfort are most important for me.

Q: Is there anything you refuse to wear? Please explain why.

A: I don’t have specific choose that refuse to wear, but I don’t like bright color like red or pink.

Q: What colors/color types do you prefer to wear? Cool tones or warm tones? Bright? Bold? Neutral?

A: Cool tones are my wear type. I already mentioned above that I don’t like bright which makes me not comfortable. Black is a classic color fit into most occasions, and that why I like it so much.

Q: What clothing items do you typically wear in a social situation?

A: Depends on the situation. If it is a friend’s party, I will dress comfort cloth such as a hoodie, or sweater. Official occasion usually has to dress up with a suit with a coat. For school, I typically dress whatever cloth that makes me comfort the most.

As a Taurus, do you feel similar with the answers? If not, could you please share more ideas with me by email, thanks!


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