A Fashion Paradise Which Can Let 12 Zodiac Signs Shop Together

Do you still go to Zara every month for getting new clothes? Or you spend several months saving money to purchase a high-quality bag from Hermes? Wherever you are, as long as you live on the Earth, you can see these brands all the time. Maybe you will see someone wear the same as you on the street. Is it super embarrassing? Now it is a chance to know a new place to style yourself! There is an American shopping retailer called opening ceremony. The stores are located in New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. If you can’t go there, here is their online shopping address. Let’s see what’s inside.

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon founded Opening Ceremony in September 2002 in New York City. This shopping retailer collaborates with a lot of brands. It includes Gentle Monster, Pendleton, Disney, Kodak, etc. You can find women’s wear, men’s wear, shoes, accessory, toys, and house goods there. Each piece is unique. There must be something fit you. Even the interior design of each store has a good performance. It’s enjoyable to take a look inside without buying anything.

These are the new brands edit made by opening ceremony. Look at the photos, you can get all the goods just from one store. No matter what zodiac sign you are, you can find your lucky pieces. The price range of opening ceremony is huge. It may cost customers from $45 to $3500. You will feel relaxed when you are visiting this store because the sellers won’t be mean as the ones in some luxury brands.

Oh! Remember to take your grandparents shopping with you! Your grandpa can be much more handsome than your boyfriend.

If you find something interesting about opening ceremony, please contact my by email.

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