3 Coolest Nail Trends That Scorpio Need To Try

Nails are women’s second face. If you choose colors right, you will get more attention. Especially for Scorpio, you are a silent killer, and nails are your weapon. Scorpio may be the most dangerous zodiac sign in people’s minds. They represent death. They have a really strong memory, just for what you did bad to them. However, Scorpio is very passionate and resourceful. If you got a Scorpio friend, he/she will treat you better than your mother did. Let’s see what kind of nail beauty can hold this sexy and secretive zodiac sign.

Nails by @jinsoonchoiusing new shades of custom Enamored Nail Lacquer created by @themarcjacobs for #MJFW17#MarcJacobsBeauty

The golden symbols on the deep brown background look super glamorous and mysterious. Scorpio has the strongest sixth sense, and it looks like what this design wants to show.

The hand-drawn leopard print looks sexy in golden and black. The shinning powder belongs to mature Scorpio women. It feels like you have tons of stories to tell, but you lock them into a secret.

Violet is Scorpio’s luck color. Not all women can handle it, but if you got it, violet is very loyal to its owner. This color can make you more mysterious. The design of crystal on your nail looks precious and attractive.

If you have more nail design ideas, please share with me by email!


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