3 Details To Help Cancer Get Rid Of The Feeling Of Home Style

For the students who are struggling with your final projects, summer vacation is waiting for you! I hope all the Cancer boys and girls can get a good grade and celebrate your birthday happily! If the elements of zodiac signs can be water, wind, and fire, then the one belongs to Cancer must be “home”. I can image that you lie on the bed and watch the traveling photos from a Sagittarius friend’s Instagram and go to a convenient store where is 100 meters away from your home to buy some snacks and coke with wearing your soft sleepwear. That’s a joke because Cancer always gives people an image of “home guys.” However, it’s lucky to have a Cancer friend. It’s an emotional and sympathetic zodiac sign. They can take good care of you just like your mom.

I couldn’t really tell what Cancer’s fashion style is before I researched some articles about them on the internet. There is an interesting interview I found talks about 11 sartorial traits of Cancers. One of my Cancer friends gives me very similar answers. They love comfortable pieces and pastel colors. If they want a change, more varieties of choices can be great. A little brighter colors and patterns are not conflicted. Let’s see how to make the change.

  1. Color Palette

Pink and orange are good choices for such a warm zodiac sign. You need not wear a whole pink or orange. Just add one or two pieces can work really well with your own cool color clothes. The saturation of colors depends on how you want to build the look. Keep the same saturation will bring less contrast, and the color palette will look smooth and pastel. They are also fit with summer, warm but not as hot as red.

2. Silhouette

Throw your T-shirts and loose pants away! I know they feel comfortable, but they can’t tell your special personality. Summer is the best season to show women’s confidence and charm. Pick the right silhouette can bring huge difference to you. A jumpsuit’s silhouette is the coolest. A swimsuit is necessary in your wardrobe. Cancers are crabs, how can’t you go to the beach and enjoy the sunlight with friends? If you don’t like to show your body that much, a cinched-waisted dress can also show your fluid body shape well.

3. Accessories

Accessories are important to help build the outfits. Although it can be a tiny ring, it’s exquisite enough to show your taste. The Moon rules Cancers and brings them fleeting emotions. A night blue or light blue of moon-shaped accessory is romantic and gentle. You may remember the love your mom gives you. These kinds of tiny accessories will not be outdated. Maybe one day, you can give it to your daughter as a gift.

If you have any ideas want to share with me, please contact me by email.


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