A Leo Asian Man Who Plays 3 Roles In His Career

On August 18, 1988, a genius was born in Korea. He has influenced some big areas of the world in the past ten years, including music, rap, and fashion. His name is Kwon Ji Yong who is known as G-Dragon. If you still have no idea about this name, you may know a boy band called Big Bang. You must have heard their songs in many bars and clubs. As a Leo, G-Dragon stands out stronger than the other members on the stage. This zodiac sign’s element is fire. They are as bright as the sun among the people. The two best words to describe Leo are creative and passionate. In some ways, there are some similarities between Aries and Leo. However, Leo is a better leader, or I can say Leo is the best leader among the 12 zodiac signs. Perhaps that’s why G-Dragon leads music trends and fashion trends to a super high level.

It looks very attractive when he is wearing “Leo” colors. As you can see, he has a high-taste eye on fashion, even Chanel picked him to be their brand ambassador. There are also many articles about him on Vogue. One interesting topic is “G-Dragon Borrows From the Girls and Wins at Chanel“. He proved that fashion is not limited to gender. You need the right attitude and courage to see beauty.

In 2016, G-Dragon started his own brand called PEACEMINUSONE in Seoul. One of its famous products is in-ear headphones. All the designs are daring. They combine art and fashion perfectly. You can see the power of G-Dragon through his brand. It feels like this lion is roaring loudly. Later, he developed the brand in a successful direction and collaborated with Vogue and French retailer Colette selling limited products. Sometimes it’s hard to purchase online because things sold out super fast. It’s still a good website for designers to get inspiration if you are interested in pops or unique stuff.

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